Inspiration Soup is getting a new site!

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I’m making the transition from being hosted on a free site to my own hosted site, and it will be getting a new look and feel. I’ll probably change my theme 600 times, so please bear with me.

In addition to this website creating thing making me feel very legit, it has kicked my inner geek into overdrive! I’ve spent hours just looking at WordPress plug-ins and themes. I’m totally in my element here, and I’m learning a bunch of new stuff as I go along. I’ve had a hosted website before, but the web hosting interface was not at all user-friendly, and the monthly price got to be too high. I read a free Kindle eBook on creating a blog yesterday. The author linked to a great discount on a 2 year hosting plan. The hosting plan is less than $5.00/month, and it’s loaded with premium features! (Sorry, my inner geek just took control of my keyboard!) I’m in geek heaven, now!

This is how you follow your North Star, kids! Pay attention to the stuff you get totally lost in for hours. When you find them and make a note of them, you are on your way to discovering and designing a life that brings you joy. They are the keys to finding your authentic self, and all that other cool jazz.